Hawai´i 2014-2017

A Coral Symphony from Rufus & Joshua on Vimeo.




April 1st & 2nd 2017: Welcome to the upcoming World Premiere of Coral Guardians co-founder Anders Paulsson´s Symphonic Tone Poem Kumulipo Reflections with Hawai´i Symphony Orchestra conducted by Grammy award winning JoAnn Falletta in their Masterworks Series in Honolulu.


The Kumulipo Creation Epic has relevance for inspiring better Biosphere Stewardship globally and resonates with many other Creation legends throughout the World.
World class Nature photography courtesy of AZOTE will be projected during the performance:
June 2016: Coral Guardians had a key role at the 13th International Coral Reef Symposium in Honolulu. At a public event as well as during the conference dinner an abridged version of Kumulipo Reflections was performed by Anders Paulsson on soprano saxophone, Aaron Mahi chanting and Chyne Camacho playing a traditional Hawaiian temple drum.
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In November, 2014, CORAL GUARDIANS went on a network and learning journey to Hawaii. During 10 days, we met with researchers, teachers, students, musicians, community leaders, scientists and volunteers. Many of the meetings were documented on video and will be presented in a documentary that aims to raise awareness about the state of the coral reefs, and what can be done to improve it, among the public and decision-makers in politics and business.