Zanzibar 2013


Good energy at first meeting for CORAL GUARDIANS ZANZIBAR! — with Gustaf Strömberg, Chérazade,  Dr. Narriman, Mariam Hamdani, ZAINABU Athmani Mdiliko, HASSAN Mahenge, Mahsin Basalama, Anders Paulsson, MUSLIM Nassor and AnnaReet Gillblad at Dhow Countries Music Academy.

In February 2013 Coral Guardians identified the potential for hosting a science-music event in Zanzibar. During a three-week visit, Anders Paulsson, together with friend AnnaReet Gillblad, met local representatives from The Institute of Marine Sciences (IMS), Western Indian Ocean Community, Awareness, Research, and Environment (WIO CARE) and musicians from the Dhow Countries Music Academy (DCMA). The meetings resulted in a CORAL GUARDIAN workshop and were followed by a CORAL GUARDIANS discussion “salon” (informal workshop) at Stockholm Resilience Centre in May 2013. The salon hosted about 30 guests from the research and business communities, all with extensive experience from working in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar 2013 generated interesting insights and ideas of how to progress with the planning of forthcoming events. One of the key insights was the importance of having a local partner that can carry on the legacy of such an event.

Below you find a short video from the salon.

MATUMBAWE * A CORAL REEF SONG from Zanzibar in Swahili
Music, lyrics & performance by Victor J Lolinga and the Zawose Band