CORAL GUARDIANS is an initiative highlighting successful Coral Reef stewardship around the world.

We do this through integrated science and music events where individuals from all walks of life can meet and discuss constructive solutions for coral reefs and the people who depend on them.

Our goal is to let successful initiatives have an impact beyond the local scale and contribute to mutual learning globally.



Stockholm 2011

The first CORAL GUARDIANS activity was a benefit concert on October 14, 2011 in Stockholm to support the Danjugan Learning Center in the Philippines

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Philippines 2012

”Saving Our Seas” was a combined concert and seminar continuation of the Danjugan Benefit Concert and took place in Bacolod city in the Philippines.

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Zanzibar 2013

Good energy and great potential at the first meeting for Coral Guardians Zanzibar at Dhow Countries Music Academy. “Music is the way forward in Zanzibar”

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Hawai´i 2014-2017

Coral Guardians 3-year project in Hawai´i started by meeting Native Hawaiians, scientists, musicians,  NGO’s and students, followed by an event at the 13th International Coral Reef Symposium in Honolulu. The World Premiere of the Symphonic Tone Poem Kumulipo Reflections will be performed by Aaron Mahi & Hawai´i Symphony Orchestra conducted by JoAnn Falletta on April 1st & 2nd 2017.

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