Organizational Structure

CORAL GUARDIANS is a project within Albaeco that was founded by musician Anders Paulsson, producer Mathias Walin, researcher Per Olsson, Stockholm Resilience Centre and researcher/communicator Fredrik Moberg, Stockholm Resilience Centre/ Albaeco. The intention is to combine cultural activities and scientific exchange to highlight successful Coral Reef stewardship and contribute to mutual learning that have an impact beyond the local scale.

Coral Guardians, in cooperation with Stockholm Resilience Centre and non-profit organization Albaeco, are co-arranging seminars about coral reef conservation fully integrated in concerts.

The CORAL GUARDIANS Advisory Board consists of

Johan Rockström – Director, Stockholm Resilience Centre
Carl Folke – Scientific Director, Stockholm Resilience Centre
Kajsa Garpe – Policy Officer, Marine Ecosystems and Fisheries at Swedish Society for Nature Conservation
Magnus Nyström – Associate Professor, Stockholm Resilience Centre

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