THE EYES OF ALL FUTURE GENERATIONS ARE ON US – a long distance collaboration between Sweden  and the Philippines inspired by Greta Thunberg’s speech at the United Nations

Saving Our Seas” was a combined concert and seminar continuation of the Danjugan Benefit Concert and took place in Bacolod city in the Philippines. The event was co-organized together with the University of St. La Salle and the Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation. Performers included Richard Bachinella, Dance Pull Company, Elohymn Orchestra, Rene Hinojales, Norma Garbanzos, Gerry Grey, The La Salle Chorale, Malignu, Maskara Theater Ensemble, Oying Osmena, Carlo Tiangson and the USLS-IS Seniors Drumbeaters, directed by Tanya Lopez.

Below you find a video from the event:

The local team behind the Danjugan Island Nature Tourism Program are Coral Guardians, protecting the reef with education and experience, as they cook in the kitchen, maintain the trails and camps, or clean the beaches. Every task for the island’s operations, no matter how small, contributes to the conservation of coral reefs. Some staff members weren’t able to join this group photo because they were in the water for a group snorkeling activity. Our most heartfelt gratitude to Anders Paulsson, Swedish national artist who composed the song “Danjugan Sanctuary”, for the shirts and the inspiration. 10 November 2017.

The Danjugan Coral Guardians team

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