Principles for collaboration with our Partners

Coral Guardians (CG) is jointly hosted by leading researchers in sustainability science at Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) and experienced communicators at the non-profit organization Albaeco.

CG offers musical expertise and leadership through our artistic director, world-acclaimed soprano saxophonist Anders Paulsson, who works as a networking catalyst to bring musicians together from all genres for the purpose of raising environmental awareness.

The objective is to organize integrated science and music events that can communicate science, stimulate creative solutions, and strengthen successful coral reef stewardship around the world.

CG works with a strategy to proceed in harmony with local culture and to combine social-ecological research with indigenous knowledge to encourage and strengthen local seascape stewardship to impact globally.

CG provides cutting edge scientific insights from SRC’s research and extended network on transformations: how new ideas, experiments and initiatives can lead to large-scale, systemic transformations towards sustainability.


The Coral Guardians formula of creating music for coral reef stewardship and biosphere conservation will:

  1. Enhance community engagement for biosphere stewardship and better management of our shared natural resources.
  2. Engage local artists to create songs and artwork on the theme of becoming better stewards of our life supporting ecosystems i.e. mother Earth.
  3. Help communicate science to the general public by blending conservation lectures with cultural expressions.
  4. Support reconciliation of local stakeholders to align with sustainable practices.
  5. In partnership with the hosting organization these events can also be used to raise money to support the most critical conservation issues.

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